18 carat gold emerald or ruby

18 carat gold emerald or ruby items are my next need really trying to build up on these type of products and Emeralds and Ruby can be quite priced. It will take me an art and a span to develop this. It’s already started to grow in that some times I get bits within my lots when I purchase gold so I am very pleased to have at least started.

I can soon check myself out and see what I will invent with these and what the actual purpose for this investment will be for.

  1. SAYING THIS CAN I ASK YOU TO LET ME KNOW WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT EMERALDS…leave comments on page any types to let me know the following things

    2. HOW YOU CAN OBTAIN GENUINE EMERALDS if you know any shops or retailers that do them



I did meet one lady who wanted this Emerald ring because she said it represents royalty. She had to have it and I don’t think she had been Royal.

I do love the feel of these and the deep green co lour of the Emerald and the Ruby they really make me think I am ‘Rich ‘. I will write a bit about the PLACES THEY COME FROM AND HOW THEY ARE OBTAINED and presented to the shops and then add a video to support it. Hope this is enjoyable to read my page and also helps with the learning around these products and the purpose. With the Emeralds I have introduced the main page of Wikipedia.org

With the ruby I will do the same so it is detailed from Wikipedia.org and this will give you a better idea.

So we have now the details a bit on Emeralds and Rubies I do love them both and would love to acquire more so as well as a learning cycle it is also an aim for contact and details from your comments that and help me and if there are others needing to know more about them and where and when to get hold of them. There is also a video included which will share how to create a jewelry item too.

Video inspired by The Harry Potter Phoenix

Custom ring making inspired by The Harry Potter Phoenix it may not be practical for all people but still allowing the learning experience from creativity by Bobbie White Should you have ideas and ways forward that could help make jewelry whether it be with or without gemstones please leave comments thank you .

My email is antheacharles220@gmail.com for any contact


6 thoughts on “18 carat gold emerald or ruby”

  1. I admire the fact that you are interested in building a business around gold, emeralds and ruby. Investing in these precious object, that’s precious metals and stones, in a good thing to venture into. The only challenge I think there is is getting food sources to buy from. Well thanks to the internet these days, one do not need to go through much stress in contacting a seller. This article has been fun to read.

    1. thank you for you response i am not quite understanding what you mean ‘food sources’??but will try to go over it in my head to see if i understand later on.Thank you for your support xx

  2. I always thought diamonds were a girls best friend so to hear a lady ask for Emeralds for Royalty is pretty unique to me. I really believe you have a promising idea about the distribution of the gems. Who doesn’t like jewelry especially a woman. Great article and i look forward to seeing more work from you.

    1. Well its ok diamonds but i love Emeralds and Ruby Amethyst Jade and few others pleased for your support as always and kind regards Anthea xx

  3. What a great idea to start a business with the gems that come to you through buying gold rings and such. I actually own two diamond rings of about 1.6 carats and they are really lovely. One of them has two emeralds next to it, one on each side and I’ve worn it for over 30 years. After my divorce, I decided to remodel the ring and as a horse rider, it needed to be sturdy. 

    When I asked the jeweler about adding emeralds (I love the color) he encouraged me to buy composite emeralds. These are made from ground-up real emeralds that are glued back together so they are very strong and don’t scratch, also they are cheaper to buy. Mine has lasted for 30 years of hard gardening and riding so they really work.

    Best to keep in mind that there are made emeralds as you collect them for sale. I don’t know how you tell the difference as they look the same.

    1. yes its great to see the difference and i usually know for myself with Emeralds however saying that they are so expensive .Its good that you’ve kept yours .Lucky me i had been given 2 recently within a lot i bought.Me i have never ridden a horse but my grandparents had them and  a lovely experience with them.My love of horses however is more symbolic as they are seen as a friendship symbol and in celtic and other regions some have done lovely sculptures in the land of the features of them …bit like a ‘stonehenge symbolic’ historical thing.That can also provide healing.I love horses though …

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