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Hi everyone welcome to my gold and silver jewellery website. I have been busy for over 25 years doing selling as sole trader and mainly doing car boot sales initially starting with costume jewellery. Before this I trained as, Community worker, Hairdressing Men and Ladies…social work … Many years of inventing my own projects in healing and own modules for Palmistry card games and graphology drawings. Plenty more developments that also brought me to collecting old beads and buying silver and creating my own hand made sterling silver earring product. Which they did get around a bit mainly to local shops in Camden London Shepherds bush and High street Kensington.
I love life and always try to encourage creativity be through practical medium invisible medium and always expression as to how the person would like it to be not to my way.
This I feel is lovely to improve identity. Character and always promote Love and commitment to quality of others and sharing.
I have a love for silver which comes from the moon and healing and Love the gold as it flourishes from the sun and the ability to heal.
 I love to flourish gifts from them both and hence my love for jewellery.The feel of the sterling silver is an  Art and a gift for me an adornment to  obtain a product. An adornment as in Egypt and other parts of the world this is how jewellery had been and is still seen.
Although in Egypt the gold is far vast within the Egyptian life style and within the tombs i really am just doing a loving tribute of my journey to gain a small amount and contribute to others either some thing that can be bought to be kept for sentiment or for beauty or value..depending on what you buy from me.
My goal of my site
To present Sterling silver and authentic silver products to customers. The same with gold products. Always making sure products have been checked by me for sanitising quality standard and that this is always stated in my product description. Also, to keep a great standard of feedback and good communication with my customers.To sell vintage ,Antique if i find any and or New products too,stating in description as best as i can .
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.Also you can also email me antheacharles220@gmail.com
All the best,
Anthea xx


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