BEEN ‘buying gold’

BEEN ‘buying gold’

Well what a carry on the gold went right down during C.19 experience and I have now started buying it again as it has slightly improved pricing per gram now.

When I decided to close my ‘I buy gold’ sector of my business, I also knew I would have to source for knew resell able gold. Some I sell as items and some just is scrap.

Again I did that hot hold of plenty enough and kept some for scrap. So what I do now is gone to Kilburn car boot every 2 months with some of my sterling, costume and gold products and also put them on the eBay business to retail sell.

It has been a very genuine time for me with continuous sells and great feedback but still leveling at a level. So now for the rest of the year up until yule tide and Xmas I have decided to cut out buying as I have enough stuff and I have decided to sell as much as I can instead,

Grow with my savings instead of just going around in circles. Possibly I have to invent additional things to assist my progress. Maybe it takes time and by next year I will see additional growth. But all I know now is to keep going and as it is a business where gold is my asset I think it is ‘trying’ but has something to give.

St. Georges ring.


Unusual ring and usually sought after unlike the sovereigns which are 22ct good coins these are only 9 ct gold.

9ct gold identity bracelet

Very old-fashioned and some and many people still love to obtain identity bracelets.

This is used to engrave a name to the thicker front part. Sentimental or identity relationships and many other reasons.

I Love the older ones and I am sure the vintage styles. Some do reproduce them in modern styles now too. If interested in modern ones you can google it and see what comes up.

Can just place you in line with my business page, click here it is a shop online. Which I only run on eBay now as everything around everything else would diffuse my issue and cost me additional fees. So thought safer in one place.

My aim now is to continue and also to add plenty products. I will also want to keep up with writing my pages so first to read as I have been a bit slow with that part and this is my first page that I have written for a while.

I will add a picture of Wealthy Affiliates so even if one person is encouraged to join.SO IF YOU DO WANT SOMETHIG TO START THIS YEAR. Take a browse at this and enjoy yourself. It is very supportive and you cannot miss out really and if you need support it in always there for you or anyone who joins. my email should you wish to contact me,,,,thank you so much for reading ..

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