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I sometimes come across these and am not a collector of them but have decided to write a page on brooches and will also love to show you a few designs and differing types and include a video so if you want to make one this will be helpful.

Do you use them? is my question I sometimes do at special occasions like I put them on at funerals and so on…maybe you use them maybe you don’t. Also, with modern jewelry types more likely available now made with fashionable costume stuff possibly youngsters may have a different culture too.


Cameo brooches

(Wikipedia attached)This will help support learning although may still have variations in a historical concept if described in differing countries.

From my experience cameo is carved in Italy but if you read Wikipedia it states Bohemia and French which I believe also changes my own idea of where it had evolved from. Also, it surprised me to see more gorgeous older types of cameo and design and art carving that had gone into inventing them. They are much older than I originally thought and also the reason they were made I did not know anything about re this purpose for kabbilist and talismans which are for lucky things.

Also, evolving in Victorian times some of these are worth much more and if you should ever get one e.g I once saw one made in England in auction with a horse design at that time and this had been years ago that one had been priced at £14000,and must be worth more now. Therefore, the ancient finds of these would be much more and worth more even in seeing them as an art experience.

Celtic brooches

Mackintosh designed after ‘Charles Rennie Mackintosh’. Are usually around today and some generalized other Celtic makes from Ireland. I come across plenty variety of these as I think they are still in production. But I tend to find the vintage types sometimes with gemstones in design sometimes no stones included. These are usually sought after buyers searching for them and create a modern day artifact and vintage acquirement, many loves these. Also, they are also around in pendants earrings and all sought ‘s.

Mackintosh Brooch

Note) you can google search Mackintosh products should you wish to learn more about them

These are in plenty styles presently even earrings and pendants ‘the rose’ design


‘Bottle cap pin’ it has a lovely musical tune behind the video I hope this cheers you up too

I have found this lovely video which will be helpful if you want to go into designing a brooch and hope you can do this and that this video is incentive to improving creativity. It is not what you expect I am sure but I love things of all styles and I use to even want to get married using a ‘coke tin ring’ saying this I hope you still appreciate this simple video.

As promised modern fashionable brooches

There are many types of fashions going on even keeping things like Starbucks pins and MacDonald I reckon youngster have a modern culture going on even with safety pins and adding beads to them and the variety of avenues and journeys we come from they must be plenty variety if you wish to share with others please leave your comments below thank you, Anthea xx

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6 thoughts on “Brooches”

  1. Great website idea! I have actually been looking for a site like this, this is so interesting. This here really got me hooked. “I sometimes come across these and am not a collector of them but have decided to write a page on brooches and will also love to show you a few designs and different types and include a video so if you want to make one this will be helpful.” I am definitely going to bookmark this one…

    1. i am trying laugh out loud but thank you for your support there is so much to say with brooches also some think it is out of fashion but i think they are ok occasionally who is to say but i keep loving them thank you for your support 

  2. Thanks for your tutorial on brooches! This is a design term that’s completely new to me. I would love to learn more about the Mackintosh brooch. Glad you suggested searching through Google! I would also like to design a brooch any time so soon. And since I love learning through videos, I would surely master everything about designing a brooch. Thanks for the informative post!


    1. hi gorgeous flowers near your name they are nice thank you for your support and feedback yes i always find google supportive and yet one can still read in between the lines …thank you Anthea xx 

  3. Yes, it seems the fashion for broaches has changed over the years. I have tried wearing them over the years but I find they really catch on to things as I’m a busy person flying around. I did have a cameo broach many years ago that was stolen (maybe the one that sold for a fortune) it had a head on it and I wore it on a black ribbon around my neck.

    I really enjoyed the homemade ones. Very cute.

    1. oh that is a pity it got stolen i had one but unfortunately the only place i wore it had been funeral …but still love them and don’t see them as negative but think they can still be lovely.I find many people tend to get the earrings of them .Shame it had been the first funeral i had ever been too and unexpected of my younger brother…all is well i am sure he is in a better place now xx  

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