Building my gold rings quantity

Building my gold rings quantity …UP

It takes serious bidding for me on lots, so that is just what I have started to do

Don’t get me wrong I do have lovely ones for retail item sales…but I just thought the trays of silver rings is good. I should also do them in trays of gold. So I have already started initially with 5 some diamond some garnets and 1 band ring with petal design all way round.

Well I must carry on building and have no problems as such. I must keep the quantity up and the quality to pristine. I get them and go through each one and give it a clean and then dry and observe them and observe the gems on them and the shapes and the texture. Each one is done till I am very happy with the product before I can leave it further to dry and place in a box. Prior to putting in a box, I use a jewelry cloth to clean the ring too. Also, part of my checking I use the loupe and check hallmarks and the situation of the gemstones if required. Checking also for scratching and any movement in the stones, as these are vintage or antique rings and if some are modern then so be it. So as they are secondhand and still have a lovely art around them as people source and search for vintage and antique.

I must love each one of them to know if the article is ready to go out to sell. All the ones that cannot make it are placed in a separate procedure. I then separate it from the tray article and will decide later how to present it as an article to resell.


I must say it must be mine to be able to sell so when I source for my article I know exactly what to buy to resell. It is a journey I have created to monitor myself through the purchase to its sale and the complete compassion and satisfaction or the deal I do is very important to me and I must say is improving.

I decided a long while ago to invest in me and my business and therefore I learn each day and grow.

My biggest love is for the knowing not because of feedback no but because I love to please my customer. I evolve around my communication and I am pleased to be there on the ball to deal with all who approach me.

My business is growing and getting more positive and venturing towards improvement and my recognizing continued regular customers and some old ones returning. I keep a varied variety and there is always something for someone.

  1. My aim then and I will achieve it as I am getting so much support now and its blossoming and growing. To add an extension to my business which will take me a good sum of finance to invest and to develop into a continue gesture to bring to the public.

    So the article is obtainable like my other products.

    An example I have 1.bibs and bobs 2.TLC ones 3.sterling silver lots …there are plenty differing types of ways I present my product as well as items and lots with weight, there are so many ways and they are ways forward.


    Why I am like this is I have transferred my see I am an ‘oil painter sculptor’ and so I always have a theme…but I have had to adjust as training with Wealthy Affiliates to do ‘computer online’ I have had to adjust and it is called ‘key word’ so I always step into themes in ‘key form’ to sell my product.



    As I go on with my development with ‘gold ring trays’ I will write another page updating you if you do read my page please leave me comments thank you, Anthea xx

    My email is

    Anyone can get into learning and going Wealthy Affiliates from any of my pages it is all attached just take a look! Please also note that all products sold through my Amazon link  are from my Amazon Associates account and i do receive a small commission although products are at the same price as sold on Amazon 



2 thoughts on “Building my gold rings quantity”

  1. I can tell that you are super passionate about your jewelry and that you obviously are loving on all of them as well!

    I am going to be looking forward to seeing more of those trays of rings, Diamonds, and garnets, as well as all of your bands!

    I think that it is just great that we get to write about the things that we are passionate about! Thank you for adding so much value here as you are bringing your passion to life!

    As far as my opinions go on the topic though, I am a pretty simple guy, someone who is easy to please. Although I am a big fan of the more plain but white gold bands and nothing too fancy. My girlfriend is into the more vintage time rings! I will be looking back to see when you have more rings!

    1. Thank you lovely you do have interest in rings and your girlfriend .Yes i have a love for my products thank you if you do look back to see my updates i hope you enjoy them and further reading and hope you keep well Anthea xx

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