Changes to my business

Changes to my business

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What a challenge this year will bring 2021 almost gone and half-way there but what have we managed to achieve. What have I managed to achieve in fact is what I mean

List of some things I think I have achieved.

  1. Continuous commitment to business noting various level changes happening because of the c19 situation.


    2. Great feedback



    3. Lack of observation through some of my purchases and checking of quality of product.



    4. Creating new development simply by magnet use -so I can check products when purchased.

    5. Observation of creating a magnet test for my products I purchase from others came from have 10 returns in a year…which is classed by e-bay as very high.



    6. Good preparation of products being processed before sale e.g checking quality and cleaning and all other things around products .



    7. Good continuous sales and click here returning customers



    8. Loss because of scam sales purchases. This affected me not on eBay as this is PayPal protected but using Marketplace on Face book.

    Where I have been scammed out of a few thousand pounds…this didn’t help my business.



    9. Building a face book group which will be trustworthy, this may take 1 year but still building. But understood not to buy without using Pay pal .



    10. Creating blogs mini ones and longer ones so others can see them on google and pleased to get them accepted.

    Customers buy like mad

Well during the lock down it had been great customers were buying like mad ! Even I spent loads more than I usually do and the household shopping also went sky-high .. I reckon click here C.19 caused us to overspend or maybe the cost of some products rose so this did not help. These are at good price I buy these on regular .


Also, we all had our vaccinations.

Knowing some people are non-believers in the vaccine and so had I not wanted it but heard to travel to my home country Dominica I would need to have had one so I had them both.

Business changes I have also realized because of support from those around that I need to add Amazon detail of Associate selling so this had now been done and I will continue to add when click here products are gagged from Amazon.

I am continuing to sell sterling silver and gold products but the loss of finances has affected me… I will however continue how my tax year turns out may be different but am please it will not be 2020/2021 April 5 Th tax year so this will come in following year.

Just an update but if you would like to still contact me my email is

Thank you, Anthea xx

4 thoughts on “Changes to my business”

  1. I am glad to hear that you already got your vaccination. You mentioned on the post that you got scammed. I am sorry to hear that. It happened to me in the past as well. I only lost several hundred pounds. I cannot imagine how it must feel to lose over 1000. I hope you all the best and that your finances will pick up again.

    1. Thank you yes the exact amount being £2536…so bad just as had been doing alright you know a bit of a branch to look forward to.Anyway to day is the first day since then as it happened on the 23 rd Jube i have put it behind and said just carry on …so as not to be absorbed .So sorry …Yes i do believe its ok my vaccination although i know i would be alright with or without it but it didn’t hurt.Thank you for your kind regards and all the best to you too thank you Anthea xx

  2. Kudos on a very productive and learning year. I can see that there were a few hard lessons in there with payments having to be made always using PayPal and being scammed. I’m so sorry you were bitten but it seems that you came through really well with your family health and can move forward confidently. Like you, I can’t believe half the year has gone, so much done and still more to do. Have a really excellent 2021. Thanks for the update.

    1. Hi there Lily nice to her from you again yes what a bite it had been and plenty to go on to improve my year but who knows maybe it will fit into 2022.But still pleased to keep going now…it what i must do.Things Evolve you know it must be just an experience.Thank you fr wishing me a lovely year.You too flourish how you want to and good luck Anthea xx

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