Creating trays of rings.

Creating trays of rings 

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SO pleased it did sell and I will now start creating them all the time as well as individual products items to sell. These are great venture for resalable products sold in lots and they can be bought to resell. When I put them on initially purchasers tried to get them at half the price I stood my ground and they went for 3/4 the price so sought of a 1/4 off my price. I will venture further and maintain my prices but in this case had been happy to sell my product on. This is the tray of sterling silver rings necklaces bracelets and pendants

Also, I will do gold ones trays which should be encouraging for a gold market value and include loads of diamond ones. While writing this it is not that easy it still takes collecting them and making sure each product bought is looked after. Click here to buy a gold product

Monitoring the product

After sourcing and acquiring my product and it arrives. What I do is usually check it and wipe it initially if a gemstone article checking for the condition of the gem when it arrives. Sometimes checking the length of span the gem can still last for as wouldn’t like to sell an over compensated product that falls apart in the buyers hands. So I love to know they are long-lasting. This is because I have been in business a long time and know that when people buy from me it is sometimes for sentimental reasons and to pass on to a relative. Loads of the time it can be to also resell or for fashion reasons.




  1. I love them my product so I check them out.


    2. Then prepare a soapy liquid to soak them in




    3. Then warm and cold rinse them




    4. Use soft tissue to pat dry and a griffin cloth jewelry cloth to look at and clean them (one can use any soft cloth)



    5. Each is packed and labeled till purchase.




    6. Once purchased I go through the same observations before posting and clean again sanitizing and wiping




    7.checking it is own hallmarked or stamps on product




    8. Monitor an honest way to describe the article



    Once each product is prepared it is up to standard then I know once placed in-tray and pictures taken, when they are purchased before posting I check again and wipe clean again.




    When I am wiping it, it is not really about only cleaning- it is still to check the quality of the product and nothing is wrong with the product, its endurance. By then each is individually packaged and then placed into another package and labeled and thank you message pleased in ready to post. Bubble wrapped gift bag wrapped and I always place in bubble wrap envelope which also has my own address detail on back. Address it to buyer and place recorded delivery label on.



    These are then placed in a see through big plastic top sealed bag so ready for when posting.



    Pleasure able side to my work



    It is so lovely to do all the above I have explained it to you and there is a lot more involved but I have explained easiest I can. Once I have done all this I thoroughly love it I love the art and the pleasure of texture and the lovelier the quality becomes it is not the money but the value of product would of course go up. But it is the lovely seeing it and the more antique there are and expensive so do I love them more.’WHO KNOWS WHAT I WILL COME ACROSS.’ The actual texture and history behind them also give me pleasure .

    I have a quality I cannot change about me and that is if it is not lovely quality then I get disappointed..of course because of the nature of my business it is also an Art in that I may not always afford myself all things but the appreciation of them and the seeing of them is indeed an art-My Art.



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2 thoughts on “Creating trays of rings.”

  1. Wow. Your work is amazing. That picture you have posted says it all. i have a lot of old gold myself in the form of jewelry. In my youth, I used to buy a lot of jewelry made of gold and silver that I do not use them anymore. Maybe I should start re-selling them like you are doing. I love the way you clean them and I am going to do exactly that. Thank you for a wonderful lesson

    1. hi thank you for reading my page yours will be a bit different if and when you resell as they are your personal items and i do not keep personal products but source for mine .It is a nice idea if that is what you want to do but they on not be done like mine although i do put a page out on cleaning items see my link if you wish to check the click here  https://goldandsilveranthea617

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