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As a youngster, I started my journey doing readings and inventing all my own method of doing readings and also did hand made jewelry making with old beads real pearls and antique beads on sterling silver which I bought from the bead shop covert garden. I would spend my time doing lovely buying from car boot sales for the beads so they would be off genuine old chains and reuse them. Sometimes it would cost me quite a bit for the beads each week I would go to a boot sale and come out saying oh, no I think I spent too much each week

This time I mean to hand draw the article and then produce in using your own designed drawing. Make sure you write down specific lengths and the quality and types of material and quantity amount of each thing required. The equipment to make it -I used to design mine with drawings create a book of and then produce each one. Mine turned out OK, a buyer would visit me and buy at ‘production price level’ and place in shops high street kensington Camden and shepherds bush market. You know and they would also retail well.

I am not saying this is the way but because I am not graphic and in those days the computer did not exist, that is the way I used. But saying that it doesn’t mean you have to stick to old ways. I suggest however you chose to go with your design always keep original designs.

Who knows where they made go and who will buy them ! You may decide to know the niche and then create a business online or you may show them to someone who can make them in quantity for you and place them in shops ..the vast quality changes in jewelry and the copy types of china, don’t  let that throw you off, people always like originals. Saying this if you do want a safe lovely place to create from Wealthy affiliates is there for you and is a definite thing you could use and be successful.

Decision is yours

Whatever you choose to do it may not be jewelry making ..but keep creating and do something with life as sometimes one spends all their time working for others. I say its time to work for yourself!

This is certainly a span when many are losing their work and plenty are in the position where even if they keep their work they could certainly do with an additional source of income.

So to re divert you and your attention do something daring and don’t think it won’t work as it will..even if you chose to not create them yourself there are plenty of ways forward in this year. Plenty of changes occurring in life with the c19 and the differences between reality. One thing for certain you hold your future in your own hands. Thank you for reading my page and if you want please leave me a comment below and or send me and email to

8 thoughts on “design a piece of jewellery yourself”

  1. What a great site! I have bookmarked it to go back to learn more from you 🙂 I love how you have it short but meaningful so I can read it and then be like a nice site I want more. I would love to follow your site. 

    Thanks for the great post, Have a great day and I look forward to reading more from you.


    1. thank you i am pleased you love or like my site i have tried to make it simple so all can read.I hope it also helps to help others make jewellery as well as selling products..i am pleased to have you follow me and hope to get positive response…thank you for the support Anthea xx

  2. Thank you for sharing your article about designing a piece of Jewelry. Knowing how to design jewelry, is something extraordinary. That’s how one could become an entrepreneur eventually. In order to do that, one needs to have faith and self trust. While reading I realized that for you this is something which you love doing since your childhood. So you will for sure be even more successful in your future career as you have confidence in you and beside you are passionate about it.

    All the best!

    1. yes its been years i love to design things and pleased you read my page and thank you for the support in responding .Can you imagine there are so many machine made products that do still go down well with the public but i do love hand made things so as well as this i also wanted to encourage using WA…thank you once again Anthea xx

  3. I have certainly enjoyed going through your post. You obviously are creative .Your posts are short, concise and appealing or convincing. I also like the way you have brought Wealthy Affiliate into the picture and then the advert. I will certainly be coming back to read more and am tempted to buy one of your items and even attempt making my own.  Note that 2 items are  ” unavailable”. Congratulations. 

    1. thank you for help letting me know 2 items are unavailable i will check it out they are sometimes either sold or come back on page if amazon associate products .My page if on e-bay is update each time.I thank you for your support in reading my page yes i try to keep to 510 or 500 and can do 1000 words but love them how they are thank you Anthea xx

  4. What a nice article and inspiring as well. I am an artisan jeweler. I make all my own jewelry. When I started out i was just using templates that I found on the internet but now I do a lot of my own designs. My roots come from African jewelers but I am trying to find my own path which is more of  a Celtic feel. And my original designs are getting a lot of good feedback. So I agree with what you are saying here. People like my own designs more than my template designs. 



    1. yes its gorgeous and just to mention celtic tribes do come also co Africa as i am that in origin as well as celtic from the celtic origin of freya and gauls origin ..not only this though plenty of African tribes too.Yes i did make my own jewellery when i started but only from old beads and sterling silver…i would love to see your products if you are reading this my email is i would love to see your products thank you for your support Anthea xx

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