Do you believe in lucky emblem jewelry ?

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Do you believe in lucky emblem jewelry ?

What is meant by this question. Well I mean do you believe in jewelry items that bring only good luck and or gear away negative energies ???

It is a question I am asking and want to write a bit about how I feel about this subject and type of issues and objects I feel are supportive to bring better good sense to your day.

I live a life based on nature and science and also love mainly thing like trees dogs I am veggie and vegan a lot of days. I love a life of healing Using my energy for good purpose. That also meant knowing when not to give which is also healing. Also, I do not heal in public practicing anymore now but when I did I had excellent testimony.

Each day my reason for having a lovely day is none and I don’t have a reason except for firstly ‘Integrity ‘

Initially as a youngster I would get up and feel I needed independence, and that would come if I placed something to ‘save’ outside of myself. It had been ‘notion’ that would at least have something I created for ‘myself’. When ’empty feelings came’ I would place a lovely bunch of flowers in my living room and say these are for me. Each time I would walk into that room just to stare at them and enjoy their o dour, as the days went by I didn’t want them to fade away .

It had been my achievement that I granted myself a gift of something good and an achievement that I could manage to do it.

As when one is in a relationship with someone else sometimes one gets a great deal of your own energy absorbed. This I would not call small or large but more a purpose full gift to bring me a better sense of my self. Saying this one can relate to non object things and still build their own purpose, but when one does please use your own energy your own character your own being…to begin to grow ‘whole and fulfilled’.


Thus energy of flower whether faded or not and what it had given me will always be alive. That energy of honest feeling and external presentation…and importantly external not forced or placed onto me but just there so I could love it and appreciate it. That can stay with me for life even after the flower fades into another span. Another span another cycle another life.

I would also love to chat about natural tree stones like ‘Amethyst’ which I use for good love and this that can bring only happiness.

I love it and I am pleased to always get these Amethyst I love them I hold them as a very supportive energy for good things, others may also have other good context things the will say are helpful to them using ‘Amethyst stone.’

My conclusion to this article is some people use religious or talisman to bring thing to them. I do not. As stated I only believe and live to nature and science. Not as product article in their form. However, if I get anything in my jewelry lots I do sell them on. Without any impartiality …

There are many distortions in life and mine is not to judge but just to present to you a page telling you a more detail about me and what I love

When 1 person sees my page the will be helpfukl in some way .

Please leave details of things you love that brought or bring you good luck and if you want to contact me please do on email

4 thoughts on “Do you believe in lucky emblem jewelry ?”

  1. It was interesting to read your thoughts on this topic and learn something new about you.
    I, on the other hand, believe in the principle that jewelry can have the power to bring happiness, health, and the like. I believe that our thoughts and intentions have tremendous power, and when we transfer that power with our thoughts to jewelry, or other objects, they absorb our energy and emit it. This can be positive or negative.
    I wish you all the best

    1. oh that is different to hear and the thoughts of emit i am and don’t have the answer to this as it would take me to understand more what you mean .i hope you don’t mind reading my page and hope others see what you have written  can relate   i myself could not gage the meaning … thank you Anthea xx

  2. Thank you for this very open and interesting post.

    I certainly think that you have got everything into perspective and that we could all learn a great deal from you.

    I think the idea of buying yourself flowers is a great idea and you can look at them often and appreciate what they are and that they are yours. 

    I think a good relationship is very much a two way thing.  When you love someone dearly then you willing give your energy over to them, but in return you receive their energy, which if loved dearly, will very much make up for what you gave away and then some.

    1. no i didn’t mean it had been not giving but more too giving a relationship and then although worth it sometimes one CAN OVER GIVE especially around the span as a woman when you have children.But what essence of self have you left to keep for yourself.Is essential and lead me to create other pleasurable things and do inner development and self develop..Thank you for reading and so pleased you are ok Anthea xx   

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