Flourishing now with jewelry in boxes

Flourishing now with jewelry in boxes

I had it in my head before a long span ago to do a layout of rings in larger quantity in lovely velvet box tray…but it didn’t work or sell !

So a span went by …about 6 months and products sales and contact with regular customers started to grow. So I thought of it again…as I love the idea its beautiful…

Added a couple of other things pendants and bangles and 1 chain ALL STERLING SILVER

Then I looked at again as I have now started to do it again and oh lovely getting a response.

But what came to me is to also do ‘ALL GOLD RING TRAYS’

They will go and I will grow and do larger lots and now they are already getting offers. Although lower than I want so I decline but I think its good for .

People get to see and are really all nice.

Each ring and other product has been checked and in great condition and cleaned and sanitized and then placed in-tray .. Each will be presented to the person who buys. They will receive each one packaged individually and bubble wrapped and they are already ready for reselling at a higher price. Most are gem stoned or if not all are sterling silver and chunky or a solid type of ring. The picture above is the actual product and I have put it on e bay and it is obviously available and you can view it on my business page.

This second picture allows you to see the other pendants and bangles too

I am so happy and thank you all the public for allowing me the journey that I love and for all your support

I still have to continue and complete my Wealthy Affiliates program which is a great support.

So pleased I found it and it had been at a time when I had been let down by many other projects that I had gone into so pleased I had taken the time to still know there is something genuine out there in the world and that once you apply yourself to it with compassion the thing you love you have every right to succeed.

The contacts I am getting are becoming more solid and I am able to communicate with them better and so not being to coil I would like to also leave my link below hopeful it helps someone to help themselves and they take a look and join.


2 thoughts on “Flourishing now with jewelry in boxes”

  1. I really like this presentation of jewelry in a beautiful velvet box tray. However, I am interested in whether you sell this jewelry in a set, as you prepare it in this presentation, or individual products can also be bought?
    I am happy to read that your business is improving, I wish you a lot of success on your journey with online sales and a lot of satisfied customers who will return.
    Friendly greeting,

    1. hi there thank you for all your best wishes and thank you for your support Nina .These are sold as a box lot so to say you get all the products in the picture or tray and i wrap them individually when purchased.I do sell most and a large amount of my products as items too.They do not get the tray however…i maybe might think a bit about that part.Maybe later add tray can be included on some products i put on.Thank you for showing interest and all the best Anthea xx

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