Getting the yule tide gifts ready

Getting the yule tide gifts ready

Well am sure people are already spending on gifts for Xmas and yule tide is just few days prior …so it will be a nice span for me too. I tend to celebrate to encourage my nature tributes as I love trees and energy Moon and Sun thus gold and silver.

When I celebrate yule tide I love it and the energy of the sun and moon, the lovely feeling around that span of the year. I do still put in my input for Xmas too and then as usually ‘edibles’ go right sky-high.


Saying all this I am sure we all do it… gets ready to buy gifts and or create them.

Art of giving

As sometimes the art of making something can be good to too. But it is kind of easy to buy gifts now at a responsible price. Which is good to encourage so as not to get into negative money things for yourself. Also, this helps you to enjoy the love of giving too if you to monitor yourself and don’t feel put out when you buy a gift.

No further worry needs to begin once you are responsible and enjoy the actual festive span. I am chatting from experience which I am sure we may have all had, as I used to really over do my spending. Saying this I have now taught myself ‘Art of Giving’ and love to give but in a more happy spiritual way. Not just trying to over spend in my actual life and riddle myself with debt. Click here for support with issues around spending at Xmas

I have added this organization as they offer support if you do get into problems click here Mind

As well as me knowing that this organization is lovely for creative art things …as when years ago I used to be involved as a worker n different field I used to see some of their art that the users do and it is very lovely and enlightening.

Saying all this I am not selling and am not too over wrought as things sell anyway

I have not put any purchase links on this page just an encouragement that you look after yourself. Please be rational about spending and responsible. One can still find lovely things and they don’t have to over ride your budget or the emphasis of the day.

So please have good look around and I am not deterring your shopping span but just trying to support that you still think of the day as ‘socially special’ and that you do not out smart your budget and have a lovely spanned.

I will have a lovely span with my family and wish you all the best. I will put some products on my eBay business page but mostly enjoy your self after this c 19 and keep well and safe.

My email is should you wish to contact me and also please leave comments on page of the things you intend doing if you don’t mind sharing with others.

2 thoughts on “Getting the yule tide gifts ready”

  1. I am already a collector of precious metals so this website has great information about gold and silver jewelry. There are lots of suggestions on ways to purchase beautiful gifts for friends and family. The tree of life pendant is a great idea to get started on. It seems like a really fun way to get family involved in things we like.

    1. yes its lovely still may have to buy the bits to make it though…but its great and i feel to encourage responsible gifts prices and peace of mind importantClick here Mind jut to introduce a format so if one has problems they can seek support.Thank you for your support and keep well Anthea xx

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