gold and allergies

Gold and consistency

The make up of gold is essential and can be partly part of the reasons some get allergies to gold. Some the 9ct gold is made up of 375 gold and 625 metals …which can sometimes effect those who wear gold

I would like to help people learn a bit about the amount of metals in the gold item they purchase and help them to learn more about buying higher quality gold. Please bear in mind this may not be the actual reason for allergy but just can cause effect.

9 carat gold is 375 out of the thousand which remainder is 625 of other metal usually alloy or nickel

14 carat gold is 585 and the remainder is 415 metal.

18 carat gold 750 and 250 reminders is metal.

22 carat gold 916 and 84 reminder metal.

24 carat gold 990/999 10 and 1 percent reminder metal.(please see chart).



We can say there are a few known reactive allergies which can be

Rashes, Itchiness, Swelling, Puffiness, Broken Skin, Puss, Bleeding, Burning Sensations and Discoloration (Like black marks and dark stains).

Diagnose an allergy by looking at your skin and asking if you’ve touched anything metal.

Dermatologist also can give you a skin patch test. They’ll put tiny amounts of nickel and other allergens on the skin of your upper back and covers them with patches. The patches must stay on for 48 hours.

The allergy is usually life long and it is advised to use higher level gold to avoid the nickel

Aims of my business id to sell goal and I would not like to cause harm to anyone so although this page states as the usual advice id to use a higher grade gold. My own personal advice would be to not wear it at all. Also, if you do have concern and an allergy to seek advice from your doctor who can help refer you to a suitable skin care person … My website is to sell gold and for those who love gold Thank you, Anthea …should you need support my details are below



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