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‘Interesting enough are the diversity of different types of pendants

I have chosen the ‘Tree of Life ‘pendant to me as a nature person it is symbolic to pagan or sun worship and nature laws ..trees and life fact I think it emblems life situations and generates development..for the roots and the bark and the leafs and the petals have all been used to create ‘healing remedies ‘ now and in the past and ancient cycles too.

Especially think it energy is purposeful for creativity. I could see in Africa the use of the bark to Create batik on material and the craved bark to also be used to medicate, and the Africa bush tree people would use for healing too.

Especially now this as the bush people are some people my background stem from(not all) and even today I use tree therapy to heal myself. Knowingly I know it is much better for me than always using medicines. Also in another part of my own life cycle in my country Dominica (not the republic) but the island near Antigua the tree had in the past been very useful. After giving birth one would place their placenta under the tree and this would be part of the traditional development to be close to nature as well as for other purposes.

So this is why I have been attracted to the Tree of life symbol and although the one I have chosen to review is a modern pendant from Amazon and the details of its review are also from amazon attachment. The maker of this product is ‘Carissma’ who have created a Tree of life pendant of 9 carat gold and it also comes with a 9 carat gold Curb chain of 46cm/18inches

This product comes and is designed from Italy and it’s invention also shows me the different ways that the Tree of life symbol can have evolved from different countries the craftsman of this product have stated its evolve to come from ‘Romantic’ aspects to them. Copy and pasted is description is given on amazon below. It shows the pendant as made with an implant of ‘Mother of Pearl’ stone which too is very nurturing and protective I think to its same ‘creation of nature.’

  • Elegantly crafted from the highest quality 9ct yellow gold for a warm and classic tone

  • The Carissima Gold Collection is inspired from the romance of Italy

  • The pieces reflect Italian tradition of classic design and precise craftsmanship to create special pieces that will delight any jewelry lover

  • Designed with a decorative white Mother of Pearl, note that co lour may vary.

  • Your jewel is presented in a beautiful luxurious gift box

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    A  short detail which is also a copy and paste of the manufacturer who designed the Tree of life pendant and chain in case you have not heard of Carissa before see copy and paste below.

    The Romance of Italy

    Taking its name from the Italian for ‘my dearest one’ Carissima is an expression of love and affection.

    The Carissima Gold Collection of fine gold jewelry embraces over 3,000 superbly crafted fine jewelry pieces from timeless classics to innovative contemporary designs.

    A wonderful gift for yourself or that special person in your life, when you give a piece of Carissima Gold jewelry, you can be sure that it will express your feelings towards ‘Your Dearest One’.

    With the Italian traditions of classic design and precise craftsmanship at the core of the brand, Carissima Gold is beauty and elegance captured in real gold




I have also added a detail from Amazon of the product review just a small chart which shows you how the product is doing and what customers think of it. It Always good to read through these as helpful to making a decision on whether you would want to purchase. Say if everyone had been saying ‘not nice product’ you possibly wouldn’t want to buy it yourself. Please see chart below ..also when you click onto page these reviews can be seen on the page

product review

Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars4.4 out of 529 global ratings

5 star 66%
4 star 14%
3 star 16%
2 star 5%
Please note you can see more detail on page and if you do decide to purchase can also leave your own comment on the product after purchasing.

Hope this is helpful this review section to show genuine expression too with comments left not 100% but 66% which is still good .


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  1. The history of the gold pendant is a very interesting one. Reading this article has been fun as it took me back in time and gave me a very clear picture of what role the Romance of Italy had to play in the history of gold pendant. Thanks for this well written artistic write up on gold pendant. It was nice reading this.

    1. Hi there did you take a look at the video  too ?if you do get chance to look at it   it ,It reminds me of Rustic Arts and i love the fact the pendant is transformed into a metal solid product as i love trees.I mainly chose the genuine theme of Africa with the mother pearl symbol as mother earthly symbols i reckon its part of the material used to also crete the pendant.So please you read it thank you xx

  2. This is a very awesome piece of content and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this because I was looking for something like this and could not find it anywhere described as well as here. Thank you for providing us with this great content and wish you all the best. Top quality content on here, keep it up and you will do great things with this website.

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