Golden Lockets

Golden Lockets

With all the best to my customers and to those who do read my page. I have eventually managed to sit myself down and do this page.

As I managed to get a hold of a few lockets and want to show them off so to say !!

Maybe those reading won’t buy but to see them is a gorgeous art too. Even still they will go on e bay and will eventually go to someone who will love and appreciate them. I will do them as item sales although my picture on this page is of ‘a few of them grouped together.’

Please do not let it worry you it is also my great pleasure in seeing things and finding things …yes they do cost me but it is the art of sharing and also allowing others to see that is also supportive to the art, and possible sharing of ideas.

These are my 7 golden lockets all 9 carat gold and from 3 to 4 inches and up to 1 1/4 inch in length. These are usually loved for sentimental reasons and useful for placing loved one pictures for keepsake and to hold close to your heart.

The condition of these is good and they have no dings or dents and although secondhand are still the ones usually sough after especially on eBay .

You may also see my feedback from customer so on my page. I do add products every day or every now and again. These lockets are on a ‘bid auction’- so may pass, so I have not added the link. But what I have done instead is added the link to my eBay business shop so you can take a look if you like at other products too.

You may still see them on here but they will sell eventually and I do not wish to be left with an ended link on my page-hence the reason for business page instead.

Also, I would like to tell you I have completed the entrepreneur training of Wealthy Affiliates and so would like to add my link so if anyone has any interest please take a look and please join with me.

Please contact me if you need support with or help with my shop page of Wealthy Affiliates. Also, my email is

This is just a simple page as usual just leave any comments you wish to below thank you, Anthea xx


10 thoughts on “Golden Lockets”

  1. Hi Anthea. Thank you for great post. I love old, stylish lockets, and it’s a shame these are not so popular these days as they were in past. Its classic, artistic jewelry and I have few by myself. The ones you present in your blog and shop are truly beautiful and its always pure pleasure to see such lovely masterpiece.

    1. thank you i find they are still sought after possibly depends on where the platform is for selling them and i am pleased you loved my page …all the best Anthea xx

  2. You remind me of my childhood years.
    It’s as if I see my teacher with his watch with a chain on his pocket.
    It’s beautiful and the way you make them reminds me that I also made chains from gold wire rings.
    What times!
    I haven’t cared about that in a long time.
    But how beautiful the exhibits are! He urges us to refine what we do!
    A good thought from

    1. Regression isn’t bad once you have sound good energy .I can envisage it in stages so process it to help in simple form .Thank you fir adding support so others can also see your views Anthea xx

  3. These golden lockets sure look nice. I just learned today that golden lockets symbolize love which is something I never knew before. I think it is a good choice that you have listed them on eBay. You should maybe consider listing them on Amazon as well. You can also create a Shopify page on your website to turn it into an e-commerce website.

    1. Thank you i always start an attempt to do Shopify but end up terminating it i will try possibly me being too cautious about paying dosh out thank you fr your support and for reading my page xx

  4. These lockets are awesome. I wish I could take advantage of this ‘bid auction’. Thank you very much for telling us about this and also for leaving here your eBay business shop. I will head over there and see if I have a chance. I am excited about the possible outcome. Wish me good luck!

    1. Yes i ve since then changed it from Auction to buy it now but not to worry it may also change again hence why no link left for it.Yes please do browse my shop and thank you for support in reading my page Anthea xx

  5. The Golden lockets look beautiful. I like the heart shapes mostly. As I usually give those ones to the people I love. The other lockets also look very interesting. Where can I purchase them? And is there golden lockets available for users that have a low budget? I will really appreciate the assistance.

    1. Hi thank you for your feedback lockets are really a rather good price vintage ones or antique I do not know if you can get cheap ones as usually see them in their hundreds in price fir just one .I suggest you try Argos or Amazon fir modern types but it’s up to you .I love the large oval ones and I love them large and oval also in sterling silver especially xx

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