I am loving sterling silver

I am loving sterling silver

Having a serious time all last year doing reasonably well and loving my sterling silver and my gold products. I have been buying and reselling like mad! Then again i hope to sell and buy and sell better again in 2022. This is a lovely piece i recently purchased and it has since resold…it is lovely and chunky (see below)

Turquoise and Pearl sterling silver pendant.

NOT to say my (click here ) new face book group

This takes a while you know when people are sure they start to join. Earthing it is good too so that my niche is still visible as a product that can be nice to wear too. Plenty of new members and it seems different as they seem a load of them are into coins and ingot and silver and antique. I have left them to go at it how they love to.As when they join the group it only has a couple of rules. Mainly be polite and things like this and only use Silver and god genuine products.

As stated

I do leave them to their own art as it is their space to attract. My aim also is placing in the group at the same time obtainable jewellery articles for everyday use. So i do include this especially so the group does not lose its quality in that way.

(click here ) Face book group

Please feel free to have a good browse it is always in development and people are joining a bit more regularly now…so please join if you wish too!

The Facebook groups take a while to gain interest and then it gets very interesting and allows you additional support aspects to project the group. Things like even the Welcome approach gets added to the group for me now as admin anyone who joins i can automatically welcome them to the group.

Presently improving with female participation as when i started it it had been mainly men joining so i am more pleased now.As this has brought a little better approach for the everyday people who also buy jewellery to wear and not just for reselling purposes.

Be careful when buying though

As during 2021 i did have a few mishaps too which cost me a few thousands.Things like the other seller not having virtue and selling fake stuff.Below is also an example of a fake product sold to me as sterling silver and once cleaned you can see it is fake and not sterling silver at all.

You see sterling silver does not change to brown colour underneath when cleaned hence i also gave it a magnet test and it stuck to that too.Lucky the seller did on this occasion give me a small refund but still not a good buy.So be careful when buying and always know when you buy you can either return the product should you need to for any reason whatsoever or and get a full refund.

I leave you with my email antheacharles220@gmail.com

Contact me should you wish to chat or ask a question and also please comments below.

Bear in mine i have also a change in my life where i also look after my 85 year old mum 24/7 every day of the week as she now lives with me.Which is why i had a bit of a gap with participation and writing my blogs…mini blogs i call them But i am still available and hope all is alright with my customers and those who just venture to read my mini-blog 

Thank You Anthea XX

Picture below of fake bracelet

2 thoughts on “I am loving sterling silver”

  1. I am glad you’re active again on your blog. I had noticed you were a bit silent lately and wished that everything was going ok on your side. So, I am glad to have you back. There are many things I like about gold and silver. And because I have been buying fo some years, I have learned to be careful. Thank you for your post.

    1. hello Anne oh you noticed me not being all there lol …pleased to say i have been doing it for years but every few years i seem to forget and trust someone who is a fake…but pleased you have been alright and are careful.i AM TRYING AGAIN BUT WHO KNOWS THEY SOUND SO GENUINE.I have just decided not to give my detail out that isn’t necessary.Thank you for your support all the best Anthea xx

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