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I would love to introduce my new business to this business so if you do come to goldandsilveranthea6175 you may still have the opportunity through his business to sell me your gold.

So if you have anything you don’t use anymore click here to earn if you have any chunk or lovely stuff in your jewelry box or anything hanging around you can now turn this into finance for yourself. With the money you may use it to reinvest in another new jewelry product or just keep the money for something else. It’s entirely up to you but you will be pleased for that click here spare cash in your hands.

Weighed in per grams to ounces … I use the guidelines from click here bullion by post to have access to the gold prices which are always available to view by yourself too…and in my case when I pay for gold I do not make any reductions, I pay at the scrap level. This is to the carat e.g 9ct,14ct,18ct & 22ct per gram or and ounce. Also, I only make payments using Pay pal which helps protect both the customer and myself .

But mine is a small business and I only allow myself to process 10 deals per month or under 10 deals. Please click her you will see the details of the prices of gold in bullion by post, these change and will vary during the day and by minute even. So as well as taking business from click here I-buy-gold.com I also have a way to contact me on my sphock account click here for these reasons purchasing gold. I do sell products there too.


The weighing scales

use weighing scales and this helps me to access the amount of weight of product I receive from you measured in grams and ounces this particular scale measures up to 500grams. Saying that one can get other scales that weigh more and ones that weigh less.


The scale I use the most weight it allows is 500 gram

Also if you wish to click here purchase a scale from me they are on my website presently. Also, I will update when necessary. Please feel free to take a look and also enjoy browsing my site.

These scales come with 2 batteries and the scale is long-lasting. Believe it or not I even use these when measuring cheese or rice in my kitchen, as I myself have a few differing types.

So if you think it would be handy and useful for yourself please check it out !

Each span will have its purpose and so I think it is important to let you know I do deal with applications manually myself and all products would have to be sent to me c/o the address below

Anthea Charles


This is a virtual office and products are then posted on to me.

Contact me first to my email antheacharles220@gmail.com or phone me what’s app 07745787105 to arrange any deals (This must be arranged before posting anything to me )

2 thoughts on “i-buy-gold.com”

  1. Gaurav Gaur says:

    Hi Anthea
    Thanks for sharing your views on “I Buy Gold” website. That’s a really god start you are doing to help the people in need. As gold is not of any value if stored in the locker and one is in need of money . Basically Gold is your money and it should be useful whenever you are in extreme problem. It was fun to know that you weight Cheese & rice on the gold weight machine. Smart !!
    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Gaur

    1. anthea charles says:

      yes i think it gold can be an investment too if kept for over the years and also if rare and good pieces although you are quite right its good to turn them into cash and helpful to others and myself too.Some products are generous in that they can be repaired or i tend to write TLC tender love and care on my adverts if i cannot repair them.Cheese my downfall the less i have the better for me keeps things good for me hence the weighing as i go wild and eat too much.Nice to hear from you ad thank you for your support in reading my page.Anthea xx

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