‘Initial’ and ‘Name jewellery’

‘Initial’ and ‘Name jewelry’

For me the initial jewelry on chain in sterling silver go quite well every now and again they sell and sometimes just the initial without the chain. I can safely say I have not ever sold a ‘name’ pendant but I have a good hand with the ‘Mum’ or ‘Dad’ jewelry items when I sell.


Initial J sterling silver pendant vintage and chain


These are obviously to indicate the name of the wearer and or if you have a partner sometimes people love to wear

Unlike the usual I am not going to write about the history of these but more about what they remind me of e.g the ‘identity things’ that can also be purchased where one can place your loved ones name on and wear or your own name. Also, friendly friendship reminders these can be used for many expressions .

Sometimes people get tattoo for loved ones they have lost or you could use these as an external portrayal ‘one love’ instead of tattooing the skin.

Whether we are engaged in remembering someone or just using for everyday wear things these are purposeful and eventful in that they can be useful for reasons we need to be used for. Eventually we realise they are also long-lasting and can be kept for sentimentality and to adorn the memory if that is what we need it for. I have also attached a link where you can buy genuine gold jewelry with ‘initials’

Someone said to me once would I wear one ?My answer is no it is not my type of jewelry product do I suggest it is one that several others love as the ‘initial product’ went through a phase to obtain as they became known like fashionable. I have included just a picture of the Mum and Dad products just to show you the ones I mean you must have seen it before or if not this actual product something like it .

Mum jewelry

I have included a link where you can buy genuine gold ‘Mum’ bracelets

Dad jewelry

Lovely can you imagine having a lovely charm bracelet and just embracing your feeling in this way -seems nice to me! These are varied and obviously come from variety of brands I would do a ‘google check’ if you want to know more than there are so many varieties of differing charms.If you want ‘gold ones’ do a google check on this too.

But you may just like to research the types available to you and the way to check that when you are purchasing a genuine brand product and not a lookalike fake …please note plenty of doubles are made in china and still have 925 mark on, but are not necessarily sterling silver or any type of silver…sometimes these are just sprayed metal. Because to help yourself to check different makes out by ‘googling’ either the bracelet or the charms and they will assist you to be able to know which product is genuine when you buy. Makes vary e.g Pandora etc…

I have added a link from amazon where you can also buy if you so wish.




*Also thank you for reading my page I hope it helps you to look for special things and genuine products…please note best to google and hopeful better in case as some cannot wear non sterling silver or non gold products as allergies prevail and if you wish to comment below please do and also my email is antheacharles220@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “‘Initial’ and ‘Name jewellery’”

  1. Your wardrobe is complete when you get the perfect piece  jewelry. ‘Initial’ and ‘Name jewellery’ make it easier to decide  on your piece. A dad piece would mean you a father and you got t from your child. Instead of a tattoo an initial may be a better option for some people. Thanks for sharing 

    1. Thank you for your comment i suggest all are different ‘people i mean’ so i leave it to them only sometimes the gearing of society pulls people into groups and then the pressure is there to purchase like others..’Jones law’.I wouldn’t have a permanent tattoo if you paid me but yet have no worry if non permanent …I think all are different some may want it directly apply to their body so they can recall who they love 

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