Just a Page on Mens Jewellery

Just a Page on Men Jewellery

Plenty of times I have sourced especially aiming to obtain men Jewelry e.g gold rings gold bracelets and chains and even sterling silver jewelry ones. I had been so surprised at the prices and they are so much higher than getting hold of ladies gold products which are already also at a high price.

I seriously live in fear when I look, you too can try to have a look around you will see the prices are far high. This led me to have to source in innovative way as is I put in keywords directly the prices seem much higher.

However, I found a way and ‘sometimes is sourcing indirectly’ I came across them and few of them in ‘gathering lots’ and in good condition too….’men rings.’

Help to find sterling silver new products

Buying sterling silver rings they are still much higher start price and therefore possibly hence the higher retail price necessary. Also, with is company for new products that I use you have to spend £100 plus VAT to order in the first place. For my new products I use a company called click here Jewelleryworld.co.UK

I have also added the section for click here Gents rings which is to help you to be able to click here access directly. If you wish or need to use this you can ask to start your own account with them.


I reckon is one buys ‘new ones’ then the prices would be more that you pay out and one would have to price higher. Other than that this does not have to be the case e.g is and when I accumulate plenty of more quantity of other products then in this case the quantity means I can have the opportunity to regulate and sometimes reduce the price for my customers.

So pleased to say I only use the ‘new produced sparingly’ as I find them ‘slow sellers’ for me, although I still love to have some available .

My art however had always been with secondhand product so I love to find them and hope full in gorgeous vintage antiques retro or modern secondhand pro- used condition

Gold pre-loved gent/men rings

I am pleased when I get hold of these and seem to always find lovely wedding bands and signet rings or rings with the black onyx and Trojan front. I love the sizes to be big like a size e.g x or z or big! But I will be now looking for all different types so as not to limit my product identity .

These are lovely they do look unisex to me and are just a picture so not on my page but thought it would be nice to let you see them ..

9 carat Prince of (click here )wales chains

At least within the new products chains are not always female oriented and can be unisex. Also, as a woman myself I know I tend to not worry about this, e.g whether men’s and can still tend to wear them … I reckon they suit me fine. Possibly this is also a modern day thing happening where I find a lot of the men products I would not worry and just wear them for myself. I would however love to do a dainty type of chain ‘Prince of wales chain’ which is you go into the link click here can be bought in different lengths

Well I have jumped to chains instead of rings to just give you an idea the dainty ones are not too high priced but to buy from this company one would still need to spend £100 plus VAT and postage costs.

My conclusion

I have chatted about Men rings and sterling silver types and gold chains and the comparison to the pre-loved art retail trade. I love the art and although I do not base my art on money I just love to continuously be finding new products …so my conclusion is to continue to source ‘without applying direct keywords’ so I can obtain more Men products jewelry and hopeful find more lots with pre-loved men rings in them.

I conclude with letting you know that I can buy direct but then my prices would also have to go up.I do not mind the wait in finding things, as this is my art.


I hope this page has helped you to find at least a ‘new jewelry supplier’ and or helpful to just chat with me and if you have anything you wish to share please do so below in the chat comment section.

Also, my email is antheacharles220@gmail.com should you wish to contact me.


Although all people buy from me and plenty men I have now decided to attempt to also build a ‘Men section’ of jewelry… I say this knowing that all variety will also buy these and they will never be isolated in that all are welcome to purchase them. It is a project I have thought of for several years and think now I am ready to explore. It will only be an addition to my products as I have said I always get Men products anyway but to concentrate on them will be challenging …

4 thoughts on “Just a Page on Mens Jewellery”

  1. HI & ntmu Anthea & thank you.

    Looking and reading through your article/post, I’ve opened the youtube video where I really really love it, awesome, thank you! WOW< this is really ….astonishing! I actually stop everything to watching you through do the own tree, thank you so so much! Never saw such a super with a step by step explained youtube incorporate . Splendid! Well done! 

    As I’ve said this is a really interesting topic, well-described and explained regarding men rings and sterling silver types, gold chains. 

    I hope you don’t mind I’ve booked your page as is really good and with the links straight to the shop, which I quite need from time to time.

    Really great and constructive information and what’s most important, you are honest about it. I completely agreed with you when you’ve said “so my conclusion is to continue to source ‘without applying direct keywords’ so I can obtain more Men products jewellery and hopeful find more lots with pre-loved men rings in them.” Sometimes we have to follow our hearts although the humans’ rules said differently.

    Thank you & many blessings to you.

    1. I am so pleased to hear from you and i noticed you have really lovely expression when you discuss things which is generous and lovely.Thank you for your support…yes i loved that video so much and the tree og life which is a generous projection especially in this day and age and with life cycles of what is going on and the world energy to build a purposeful energy which is also rewarding through creativity.So pleased you saved my work and yes i cannot have it i am not against key words as i still have to create another to source but not one that directly says Mens rings or Mens things then i can find them…it takes more work but really worth it.All the best to you and keep well Anthea xx

  2. Interesting article for men that are in search for jewelry for themselves. I tend to look at rings and dog tags. Always like to wear them as I feel it is part of my look. 

    Do you sell rings that are not gold or silver. Like titanium or some kind of metal and in different colors. Those usually I find more fancy and attractive.

    Thank you for the information!

    1.  Titanium what a good idea thank you i could put them in as a costume jewellery product and stainless steel.Yes i wont say i will do it straightaway but i will definitely take a look at it…thank you for your support and reading my page Antheaxx

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