LOL got back onto face book and started a group

New face book group let it grow please! 

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LOL got back onto face book and started a group

This will give me so much and so much for relaxation… I will love it .. I figure it will still take a year to grow with genuine interested people but it is a great venue for those who wish to chat advertise and sell.

My thoughts are that it will be a more great appreciation on my part that it can be there in addition to WA Wealthy Affiliates and that it will be great to still be there whatever happens to me. Saying this I have had to take myself off a google business account the sphock account and close and only keep o0pen my original business and the eBay section of it. I reckon it had been cost me too much and not ready to go down hill and the none response so I closed them But I am so pleased to begin with face book …

Not to worry though I will be here even stronger this year and although the face book group takes catching on its still a lovely incentive to have.

Also, with these types of account it is gradual and helpful only and when people also join to sell on the groups page… I am opening not too costly. As worried I hope to use my PayPal direct but it seems there is a Face book paying section where this may include VAT oh no here we go again.

I am writing this mini blog just to keep you informed and to add the face book details to my business, but will take a while to grow.

Here is the face book group


If you wish to join please do even if just to be part of something it would be nice to have you.

I have started this off by myself and since then have generated a few others and so on and this will build up.

When another person puts and advert on as well as me and so on and so on then I will be happy, as it shows a need for others too. Also, I love the comment section and to see others chat with each other .

Private messaging

Face book ‘private message’ also there and this is helpful should you not want to want others to know what you are discussing. Messenger is always there and useful for passing on private details of where to make payment and customers address details for posting should you need.

Shall I end by saying at least you have a group still in development and there should you wish to join in.

Thank you for reading and please contact me email

Leave all messages below please. Please let pals or others know if they love jewelry .

Anthea xx

Group is called


4 thoughts on “LOL got back onto face book and started a group”

  1. I had previously heard that it could be beneficial to start a new Facebook group and then invite people to join the group, as it is a good way to get exposure. So this is a good idea for you to be selling the gold and silver jewelry via the FB group. Wishing you success in this journey and trust you will get to the amount of people that you want to have in the group. All the best. 

    1. Thank you so much for your kind wishes i will be so pleased to recall your kind words.Thank you and have a kindly life Anthea xx

  2. Good to know you are not a quiter, once one thing doesn’t seem to work try another strategy. At least in your case you already know the Facebook group will take time to grow and not have unrealistic expectations. Will definitely check it out but unfortunately I reside outside the UK. All the best in your business.

    1. lol that is funny outside UK i keep it like that in case EU and taxes and whatever complications sorry before i would have international .All the best Anthea xx

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