More valentine ring’s sterling silver

Valentine rings sterling silver

I have put on my eBay page 2 sterling silver rings for valentine gifts and or every day wear and also added my amazon associates page for more valentines gifts .


These have details to each product on the page when you click through Lovely valentine gift for special lady size P gorgeous cerise co lour and lovely as a gift comes with a black velvet pouch postage 2nd class recorded delivery 2.5 grams

The other is a heart shaped sterling silver ring .

Valentines pink heart sterling silver ring size O marked 925 or anytime wear comes in black velvet pouch posted

class recorded delivery.

I have a new approach this year when I hope this page encourages sentiment as well as sales and the products are all cleaned with Goddard’s cloth and in good condition although secondhand vintage types.




So if you are looking for something special as a gift these are very nice and will be long-lasting.

To see more detail you can go through to my eBay page. Bear in mind around that time Venus will be sending his arrow through to the one you love and especially be gearing you to sentimental gesture. Some just give flowers or a drink or something gestured they love to be remembered by. Some drop a card with no name and hope the person knows who sent it to them .

Ha ! there are plenty jokes around this time of year too, were some just send a card -so you are left thinking someone likes you ? but they haven’t said who sent it. Should this happens one has to be pleased they received a card anyway. I love the cards and some people do just buy themselves a gift in case they don’t hear dust from anyone. All in all a nice special time though.

Please don’t worry if not getting a gift for anyone or for yourself it is a please to show you the sterling silver wear and hope you still have a happy span around that time of year. It is not too hot then yet but still a lovely span of the year. Also, please feel free to look at my products page as you may decide the product gift you give does not have to be a heart shaped and just something you loved and special.

When I go through it I tend to say Eros is around and Venus and concentrate on planets possibly others may be a bit more grounded and just see it as a community thing that we celebrate…

Thank you for reading my page any support of comment you would like to give would be appreciated please keep positive as it is more supportive to my developing business thank you, Anthea contact also to


2 thoughts on “More valentine ring’s sterling silver”

  1. Haha thanks for the article my guy! In all honesty, I actually found this post really helpful. Valentine’s Day is approaching and I have absolutely no idea what to get my crush 🙁 Thankfully, I found this! Between the two rings, I think I like the first one a lot better. Thanks for helping me find a gift! 

    1. you’re welcome its always nice to know that something i do it kind and helpful .I also thank you for reading my post and hope you have a successful valentine experience xx

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