My e-bay business

My e-bay business

I have developed this page just as an update to my business and to let you know a bit about what is going on and the improvements of quantity of my products. It is growing and I am more trusting and do larger purchases and job lot buying and also have begun to start a developed where I try to add new products each day.

My aim is to obtain as much sterling or solid silver and gold products, artifacts and objects as possible and also to start to grow and have better and improved variety to my customers.

This is challenging and will take a development within this year 2021 especially with the lock down re c19.and now the ending of the lock down and it’s effects on business on the whole. The fact it will be staggered through the year. I am pleased my customers have been so supportive and I also appreciate the lovely feedback I get and the communication on the whole. It is nice and one well get to actually chat with people.

My attempt and I will achieve it is to keep building on my product page which is based on asset building.

  1. Buying of sterling silver job lots


    2. Buying of gold job lots



    3.Buying vintage, antique, unusual products or some modern jewelry too. This link attached is for a sterling silver coral brooch that I found.



    4. I love vintage charms and vintage charm bracelets and I love the charms in gold or sterling silver or any solid silver. So I also aim to purchase more of these.



    5. Also, buying larger lots now as the car boot is coming back soon after the c19 lock down so have to b be ready for this.



    As you see they are very simple aims and I love it I buy and sell clean jewelry and wash and sanitize and mend jewelry where needed. I love the fact, I don’t have to go to work and can just sell and relax and do my day.



    It is growing and I mean to continue


    Support and my niche is developing and I acknowledge the knowing of continuous customers now and some are regulars..which I love.

    I don’t feel any pressure as my product is lovely, and you may find anything…. it is not limited. In fact, I don’t know what I may find to resell and play with and clean this is lovely- the feeling is relaxing !.



    You must take a look at my page I am at over 300 products and have loads more to put on and am on an aim to get about 1000 products on my business shop. Saying that I will try to when I get to 500 I will be pleased.



    What I do is put the products on and allow offers so it’s quite nice it’s either a ‘yes or no’ game and takes good communication and making deals and also take into account the customer and having a ‘Gage’ with them which is nice and getting the product purchased to them. Then we both place a feedback for the product and the way the sale went. I love it !



    Well this is my update for now I am presently working on turning odd sterling silver earrings into pendants and have to buy jump links and sterling silver chains to attach…this will be lovely as I used to make all my own jewelry so I love pondering around so that’s what I am doing presently and of course after that there will be something else !



    Lots of love to you all thank you for your support…Anthea I can be contacted on




6 thoughts on “My e-bay business”

  1. Congratulations on laying a great foundation for the e-bay business, with an already quite extensive offer, I took a look at your e-bay page and I am thrilled.
    I also really like Vintage & Antique Jewelry, and I look forward to following your site in the future with an offer of vintage jewelry and accessories.
    I wish you much success in growing your e-bay business.
    Friendly greeting,

    1. Hi Nina lovely to hear from you so pleased you love Vintage and Antiques too its a lovely art and sometimes  the art of appreciation.I has been lucky trained by a very excellent source who taught me the phase it is ‘I am always willing to learn’…saying this i am thank you for your support Anthea xx

  2. Awesome article, thanks for sharing. I think that this is a very good business model as there will always be money in gold. I like the idea very much of investing in antiques and artifacts. I am sure if you have antiques and artifacts that are quite rare then you could make a decent profit by putting those pieces on auction.

    1. Yes its especially good to note a great deal of profit in solid silver or sterling silver vintage pieces,,,surprisingly gold is ok but the sterling silver and solid silver is where i can make profits.I started off years ago going to auction i am not too over the top about it as commissions but i think lucky to keep hold of any treasures found…Thank you for reading and support Anthea xx

  3. Good to know you love pondering around as I love doing the same at all times! I want to commend you for working on 300 products at the moment. As you aim towards 1000 products, it would be good to see you achieve up to 500 products. Glad you already said you would be satisfied with 500. Thanks.


    1. No it isn’t about satisfaction but more if i make it there laugh out loud.I reckon more than a thousand is good but at least i have made it to over 300.I am putting initial pendants on here as i chat only another 3 and pleased you love the fact i got  to 300 but can assure you it wont end at 500 but just be pleased to get there .Thank you for reading my page Anthea xx

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