New year jewellery and Valentines


New year is here and I haven’t put which one so as this page can be useful for a long span

I would of course love to include valentines as a gesture of will and romance and adornment and Eros the god of love worship and Cupid with the arrow for those who just meet someone to fall into a relationship with good love gestures.

It is straight to the point and even if only reading my page I hope you enjoy it knowing that these things are already in creation as cupid and Eros are doing all the work and hopeful that is possible how you meet your match. If already in a relationship embrace it further with blessings for further abundance of love and friendship within your relationship.

You know when the arrow flies and is aimed at that other person they are hooked and cannot get away and so the compassion and compulsion starts.

Maybe a symbolic thing would be a heart shaped object to treasure from your loved one some will just give flowers and a card delivered to you from the unknown to possibly still let you know they are there but not be able to let you know who they are !

As a young person I would get loads of them not always from those you could return the gesture or emotion too..and so not to mislead just Don’t !

Bring in a sentimental long-lasting jewelry piece that can be worn and around the neck would be lovely, doesn’t have to be too clumpy dainty is I have hunted around for a product which is unisex and either men and female can gift them adults of course and to which ever partner they choose to give it to. At first, I thought of initials or things which could be engraved with names. Then I went for the treasure and sentimental and private bit of you just knowing who gifted you it and that in itself is precious -so I choose the latter way and thus have this jewelry gift to present.

With some friends that have been long-standing and even you know they are just a friend do not over do it-do not over step the mark keep a friendship.

Friendship is a very special thing within a loving relationship but when you are a friend only please know for yourself if this is right to change ..just few words as Eros and cupid do their work. Well I’ve chosen it and love it I still think it can be worn by both men and women although it has this description on amazon page… I reckon have to work with integrity


Jewelry Information

Brand Name Forfamilyltd
Metal Stamp 925 Sterling Silver
Metal Sterling Silver
Material Type Glass
Length 40.00 centimeters
Chain Singapore
Clasp Type Spring Ring
Re sizable No
Model number NECK22101501-16
Model Year 2019

Sterling Silver A Lifetime Loving You Interlocking Heart Necklace

Hope you enjoy reading my page and love the valentine gift not too expensive but a nice product which will be long-lasting and is sterling can also read more about details on amazon page. I have added this product as I am also an Amazon associate…if you need any more support you can contact me on email:

2 thoughts on “New year jewellery and Valentines”

  1. Hi Anthea, 

    This is a great article, and the right time to launch such an article. Valentine is a time when getting the right gift can be time consuming and difficult to decide on the ideal gift The selection you choose is ideal and all in one place,

    Those items can always be used for other special occasions like anniversaries, So this article and the items will be relevant all year round, helping visitor to your site find the right gift. 

    Jewellery is a great gift as it can be kept and treasured for many years and become sentimental.

    This is a site I would visit to buy that special someone a bit of Jewellery.

    All the Best


    1. Pleased to see you have read through and yes Valentines is special .I love to get comments as you also helped me to realised the anniversary concept which for some reason i had not thought of…thank you  and ‘happy new year’ to you Anthea xx

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