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As the china products and European types of similar and attempted copies flood the market you can always be certain by either purchasing direct from the Pandora store, goggling to check how to access fakes, or looking for the 925ale mark on genuine product.

Don’t be fooled by the cheapness or the price of product also the crown is essential for the charm bracelets.

The main thing is the example of the word Pandora and the crown must ne over the ‘O’ to be genuine. Also, there are many models and you can check if the product is a recent model and also look with the genuine Pandora store and google. Also, I tend to find many older models of the charm bracelet so not all have the plus gem or any gem on the product.

With these charm bracelets there can be charms bought separately these will also be marked 925ALE to be genuine to Pandora range (please read more by goggling if you wish to understand more about Pandora products).

Here are a few examples of the ‘Pandora charms ‘.

The variety is vast and some not looking as fancy or loud as these. Some just plain and lovely and Sterling silver …bear in mind they also do ranges which have genuine gold attached. The prices for the gold attached ones are priced a bit more to obtain one is still not hard though.

I do not think it helps to worry about reviews with this company you can check PilotTrust (see example below)

Reviews 22,976 Pandora UK

Rating English Excellent 71% Great 6% Average 4% Poor3% Bad15%

With the Pilot trust reviews it is good and you can also once purchased add your own review the above being Pandora UK and you can check for yourself and read through them when you go to Pilot trust.

Although there will also be separate reviews for Pandora Products on Amazon too and I have included some Pandora products from my Amazon Associates account. From this account I may receive a small commission from the sale. Very unusual for me I tend to work to my own product building but thought I would make an exception and join Amazon associates. So new to me too and initially take 3 sales to keep it open in that year.

So if you are looking to own a Pandora product or wish to give one to someone as a gift.

I have included my Amazon link

The quantity and choice is varied and I hope you enjoy looking and buying from me, and you can be assured the product is genuine usually with Amazon but still be cautious when buying Pandora must have its own sign on them to be genuine.Please also note i do get a small commision only on the amazon page as i am an amazon associate from any product purchased .

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2 thoughts on “Pandora jewellery”

  1. Beautiful, Pandora jewelry is beautiful.  People tend to buy something because it is cheap and later on got mad feeling scammed but the fact is, the price comes with the genuineness of the jewelry, the more intricate and awesome design, the more expensive.  It is good that you have included what mark to check with Pandora jewelry to determine if it is genuine or fake.  I will try to browse your website and shop your jewelries. 

    1. hi there thank you for reading my Pandora page yes its not nice buying a fake and paying for it.You pay for it in more ways than money as its not usually nice and sometimes they fade and actually the brand important and known rather than get the china stuff or european beads.I am pleased you love Pandora and i also love ‘links of London’ products…yes please browse my shop and thank you for you support in reading my page once again   Anthea xx

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