Real gold odd earring

Real gold odd earring

What I think is some men and ladies do wear odd earrings or one earring in one ear the nose the belly studs It is sometimes either this and a dangler in the other ear. Or just worn how it is one odd earring.

Especially young people love them to engage and expression in the fashion stage so that they appear different hippy, or punk or ‘whatever’ as they put it!

Finding odd earring

As you go through life sometimes the genuine thing is that we sometimes put on a pair and loose one of them. Or the clip comes loose and we are left with one impaired and the other fitting.

Don’t we then usually think or no we are ruined and can no longer wear them.If they are sentimental what a blow it is.

Well not as a pair anyway. Some of us won’t go into single earring wearing it does matter about hippy or punk or whatever fashion sense…we just don’t.

Anyway that is the original way to find an odd earring and another way is to buy them just ‘odd one earring’. There is a company I sometimes buy new products from occasionally. I am not attached or affiliated to them. But thought still a useful place if you want to buy odd earring. But with this company orders are £100 plus VAT and postage. So if using them possibly buy when also needing other articles that you wish to use as gifts to someone or if you wish to buy to resell. The company is click here For sterling silver single gents’ earring click here. Gents single earring.

Although my page is about single gold earrings I still thought to put in the sterling silver one’s.

Below I will show you what I have started to do when I find single gold earrings

Generosity has it I buy gold lots job lots which sometimes have all bibs and bobs in them and odd earrings as well as some good bits to resell.

Not new gold but secondhand and some still vintage or antique or just from the few years prior like e.g 60s 70s 80s span.

At first, I thought oh no what do I do …then I decided to turn them into pendants which I have placed 2 of my recent remodels below. What I actually do is buy the ‘gold links’ and reattach it to the odd earring. It is simple and so the earring /has now become a pendant’ it is still with its span of when it has been created but accept the loop link which is where you put the chain is’ new and modern’.

That is it I am excited about finding them to be reusable and I cannot wait I would love to find long ‘feather type’ one’s like the ‘red Indian type of feather’…maybe have to wait a long span for that.


I am not saying my idea is original as I do see plenty of buyers buying single earrings maybe they are also creating something else. I love the 2 below as one is Sapphire and the other Amethyst. Be aware sometimes they don’t always have a hallmark still on them but these are still 9 carat gold.

Always ask and see description written on them when you buy and always ensure you use pay pal to buy for protection of the buyer and the seller. Please also note one can give an article a simple ‘magnet check’ and if it ‘sticks to the magnet’ it is not gold. (better than using Acid fluid which can affect the article by leaving a mark)



Should you wish to contact me please email me on


All the best Anthea xx

2 thoughts on “Real gold odd earring”

  1. Hi Anthea. Very interesting post. To be fair, when I loose one earring normally I would just treated whole pair as useless. I wouldn’t wear only one, but I never thought about people who actually do it. Its brilliant and actually I may sell them (unfortunately I do have a tendency for loosing earrings so I would have at least few of them). Brilliant idea !

    1. yes it something would think most would be upset of loosing one side or if clip comes off and think just as youve said that they are useless now to be of use…I am pleased you read my page and thank you for your support .If you do have any you want to sell click here…i am always will be happy to hear from you…All the best Anthea xx

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