SOME BEAUTIFUL GOLD. Cleaning gold jewellery.


Collecting charms to place on a charm bracelet is something ‘we’ sometimes do over a long time or can be acquired already with charms on them.The other bracelet is from EGYPTIAN GOLD and is Ancient.

How to clean gold jewellery- Easy guide to cleaning gold jewellery

  1. SIMPLE EQUIPMENT NEEDED: 2 small bowls, washing up liquid, cotton wool and soft cloth. Method:Initially one bowl will be for washing up liquid and with added warm water, The second bowl for warm water only. Place a reasonable quantity of washing up liquid in one bowl and add some warm water. Place the gold jewellery product into it. I leave this in for 15 minutes or as long as I want. Remove from the washing up liquid bowl and place in the other bowl which you would have filled with warm water only.Then after I remove from the warm water only bowl I usually rinse again under the tap cold water only. I then pat soft cloth and then pat with cotton wool to remove excise water.NB: although I have not included as my equipment sometimes a soft toothbrush can be used in between the time you remove from soapy water to give the gold a soft brush to remove any excessive dirt.
  2. My own way I clean gold jewellery:( Requires 1 AA battery) This is my own equipment and its simple to use. Method:

    1)Place 1 AA battery in base of the jewellery machine this is underneath, and ensure lid over battery is closed.

    2)take red lid off and the internal basket out.

    3)place washing up liquid and water in container base.

    4)Place your jewellery in the basket(section with the holes in base)and place this in the base.

    5)Then place red lid on the top of it.

    6)Ensure on flat service, lucky machine also has stick able rubber bits on base and then press red button at the front. Process:Leave in this container for 8 minutes(or can be longer, as I sometimes leave mine longer).

    7)When 8 minutes up, Press red button to stop and remove the red lid.

    8)Take your jewellery out.YOU CAN THEN RINSE UNDER COLD WATER TAP.                                                                                                                                                                                               .
9)Use a soft cloth to pat dry or and cotton wool to soak up the water.

Cleaning the equipment always afterwards: This is easy
1)wash internal basket with warm water and dry with cloth

2)empty soap water out from base and place very small amount of water in base part…only do this after removing battery. Empty and dry. Also, dry lid and all around the battery section and base part.
3)Leave all to dry in air for a while…then place together ready again for reuse when you want it.
Jewellery cleaning machine.


This is the internal section…where you place the jewellery and
jewellery placing basket, and External container with red start button.

Using a Ready-made liquid fluid to clean gold jewellery

This is something I have had to do a bit of research on, as in my years experience I have not ever used a ready-made liquid clean. Here is what I found and the details to go with how it can be used. HG Range specialises in high quality cleaning, protection and beautification products. The HG range offers a solution for everything removes grease and dirt very quickly and efficiently so that jewellery looks shiny and clean again, it is a Jewellery Cleansing Bath. Usage Instructions: Immerse the items for 3-5 minutes, depending on the amount of dirt. Remove from the fluid (with the help of the tweezers if necessary). Use a brush to apply extra cleaning to any parts that may be difficult to get to. Rinse the items under the tap and dry with a clean non-fluffy cloth.

Conclusion-pictures and examples products and areas to be careful of when cleaning gold jewellery. And products which may with stand the soft toothbrush when cleaning. The Cameo I would be careful not to place in water I would prefer to use liquid fluid away from front shell cameo and do it by hand application and also rinse by hand. Drying well with dry cloth or cotton wool -make sure all bits of cotton wool don’t stick to the product so just pat gently.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Any diamond rings be careful not to use hard brush on the diamonds although can be placed in cleaning machine or the initial technique of placing in 2 bowls and drying afterwards. The gate bracelet should Beadle to with stand all types stated above and gently on the safety chain. There are several ways to assist with the drying but I tend to use cotton wool and aim to absorb all the extra water and then leave to dry naturally. There many types of gold jewellery charm bracelets charms which are still solid and can with stand a gentle brush during the cleaning experience. However, I tend to love vintage jewellery and don’t mind if after I have cleaned the product it looks used or secondhand.
If you want it to sparkle liquid fluid ‘ready- made’ is good to use but one thing do not put it on the cameo part of the jewellery.
would like to thank you for reading through this page I want it to be practically helpful to you. Also, it is simple but if you should need to ask any questions and or want to leave comments please do. I find it helpful and also support to chat on the comment page so others and yourself can share. 
Also, if you know of other ways that gold jewellery can be cleaned. Ways you do it for yourself and additional helpful tips of how to clean around the cameo or other areas of gold products please share them on the comments page or and I would be pleased to receive email from you as the detail can be added to future pages….

If you don’t mind explaining in detail the method you have used and don’t mind leaving your name and detail- thank you- please feel free to contact me… or/and  leave comments on page  

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  1. Hi Anthea, this is a really useful guide to cleaning gold jewellery! I tend to use your first method – leaving the items in warm soapy water and patting them dry afterwards! It works very well but after reading your article I will now consider investing in a jewellery cleaning machine! Thank you for such an informative post.

    1. hi there thank you for reading my page and although simple it is quite useful and not untypical,and i am pleased it is the way you also do your jewellery cleaning.To be helpful if you have an e-bay account or wish to buy the cleaning equipment it can be found using sourcing words applicable.This is how i acquired mine…all the best and thank you for support .

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