Starting another year with sterling silver/weaning

Sterling silver/weaning of new products in the new year

would I accept the delayed response of my new weaning products to my business?

Some sold if you think 8 to 10 products a year is good -I suggest I would be done in if I had relied on them alone.

Yet I won’t give up on them as a good pal of mine told me to include them in my ranges and also as I said I have sold them in car boot sales years ago and they went well !

I am not fed -up I am just going to include more onto my business through weaning and hope I get continuous response and support as some kind of support has started. Also, with things like this weaning I keep wondering if it’s me as I love old vintage and antique stuff and wonder if it’s my personality holding it back ?

Can you imagine the take over of those on my business page is what I am thinking. There are certain ones I love more than the others chunky, and the sterling silver wedding bands and the Celtic ranges. But I need to not torture myself but to put them forward. Many of them are made with cubic zircon although I can get a hold of genuine stones too.

I will be pleased really when they are sailing afloat and know my personality does not hold things back it must be just whatever I am going through must be for the best of the sales and customers who love my product. Possibly this page will just be for visual pictures and not purchasing on this page but just to let you see more of my intended products for during the coming year and afterwards. All products I do place in a black velvet pouch.

The sterling silver wedding band I love

From www.


Sterling silver identity bracelet with lobster closure.

These are a lovely product and genuine sterling silver a completely new product


Please be sure to look into my business page and you will begin to see more of the new products also added as well as vintage and old products in the coming year and if you need support with your purchase my email is and also as I have eBay account I can also be contacted through my messages on that account.



4 thoughts on “Starting another year with sterling silver/weaning”

  1. Love your name silver and gold threads I was a little confused as to what weaning was of silver. Now everyone who is sharing facts about their business worry what if…someone steals my idea — lol the thought has crossed my mind as well. I just think the field is so large and the more the merrier! I am not a crafter but my wife is — and she was into silversmith at one time. I would not be interested in learning how to make them but I would be interested in a custom order — do you do those? Celtic wiccan necklace, perhaps a rosary for a dear friend of mine or even buddhist beads. Keep up the good work and hang in there. Building a business takes time. We have built several of them over the years. One was in kandi bracelets

    1. hi there laurie i do try not to gear with beliefs like wicca rosary beads and possibly can you help her what is ‘kandi bracelets’? not heard of this or maybe i have and call them something else.Sometimes i do get odd religious bits but those usually come from buying lots and are just included.Yes its not hard building business its just one had to be committed.Thank you for your support in responding Anthea xx

  2. This is really good and I think it would be truly nice for me to start off the year with something that is totally spectacular. I totally agree with you here on your website and I believe that it would be fantastic for me to be able to start off with silver weaning. Thanks for all this.

    1. hi Jamie thank you for your support -‘i am trying’ who knows if vintage is it as i have done for so long.But hope to attempt this year as stated just to add a new product.It is kind of you to have read it and given positive support thank you greatly needed…Anthea xx

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