Sterling silver earrings Products Page With Weaning

Sterling silver earrings page

All products are unusually new as I tend to love vintage sterling silver or Antique types but today I have put out this page to encourage new people and there create better niche extension. I hope it clearly encourages a new dimension hopeful ladies younger and fashionable and also all those who wish to buy or feel they are comfortable wearing them .

My product is all genuine sterling silver and are bought direct from I have used this organization for years to add products to my usual theme of vintage sterling silver products. My use of them is sparingly. But today I wish to start a page with direct products you can purchase from me.

I buy all my products and then resell and even my vintage ones I sanitize before selling so sometime, es even if they still keep their vintage look they have been given a clean by myself. As this is my first approach to reach an additional niche group and also those and everyone else is very welcome to buy from me I will only put 6 products of earrings on my page and there monitor their sales and also place them on my eBay page to help assist with the aim of these products.

Most of my stock is bought before by myself creating asset and only some pages with my blogs have amazon products on them through Amazon Associates affiliate linked.

This page I would like to call the ‘Weaning’ alike anyone who isn’t changing their vintage product but merely in development to create an added new product to new or the same customer and hoping it will catch on well as a vision I see.

I will attach 3 products of different earrings to this page and let you see them through the eBay page link I have hopeful that being on eBay will encourage the weaning of additional niche too and new buyers to a ‘All new product’ instead of my vintage type.

Bear with me, also note I am not changing just attempting to ‘wean a new ‘All new product ‘not a secondhand vintage one and it is still a sterling silver product. Plenty of hope came to me in attempting although some have enjoyed the new product I wish to make it an additional product on and within my business.

Also, can you see the Wealthy Affiliates banner link below well my story is I have done plenty before selling and living and voluntary things but till I met this project I had only realized the reality of a dream that can be easily obtainable. Please have a look and join with me be confident to start a new venture which can lead to a new life…you can do it ..Anthea xxi


Product 1/ Sterling silver Celtic stud earrings 7.80mm x 7.40mm /925 sterling silver.

Product 2/ silver half ball stud earrings marked for silver 5 mm in diameter


Product 3/ Sterling Silver Celtic Drop Earrings measuring approx 3cm long x 0.5cm wide



Hope this is an eventful page and many reads it and please contact me on my email should you need support of any kind concerning Wealthy Affiliates or just want a chat thank you, Anthea xx

6 thoughts on “Sterling silver earrings Products Page With Weaning”

  1. Hi Anthea,

         Thank you for this post and the information about your products.  I am always on the look out for gift ideas for all of the women in my life (Wife, Mom, Sisters, Neices, etc…) and they all have different tastes!  I like the variety you have to offer and the honesty in your post explaining how you purchase and then resell these products after cleaning them.  Thanks!

    1. Hi Tom thank you so much yes i try to build myself and post myself and look after the products myself vintage ones and all earrings rings chains as well as trying to wean a new range of new modern product…its very interesting ladies love to treat themselves too .Thank you for your kind support and all the best to you Anthea xx 

  2. Very nice jewelry, at the same time it looks simple and classy. It’s a great idea for a gift, I think older and younger people would like it. Silver is always in fashion, such details will praise every fashion combination. Good luck and success to you in further work in all fields!

    1. oh thank you so much i really needed a positive boost so thank you for your support and i will keep going thank you for reading my page xx

  3. This is a very awesome piece of content and a very detailed one. I’m really happy I came across this because I was looking for something like this and could not find it anywhere described as well as here. Thank you for providing us with this great content and wish you all the best in the future. Really like the design of the page as well.

    1. thank you for your support and pleased you love my page its an attempt to introduce modern sterling silver products which i have sold for a while years but originally with car boot sales so hopeful they go well within a different setting thank you for your good wishes and all the best to you too xx

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