sterling silver job lots

Sterling silver job lots

Sometimes I sell sterling silver job lots usually after doing my car boot sales or after selling some as retail. I put them together weigh them describe them and put them out to sell as a lot.

When you see these on my page or on my e bay business site these are usually on a ‘buy it now’ meaning you can just click to usually purchase it. Hopeful that some see them. When you see these don’t take them likely usually very good sales pitch and sell quite fast, the quality of product is not usually deferred. If however there is something which needs TLC and repair it can be something only slight. Possibly reattaching a link or needing a closure. Sometimes the lobsters Closure needed. If someone is looking around and already has all the find- lings and closures at home or for whatever other reason customers purchase lots, they are usually nice. The quantity of products tends to be more for the price and they can be resell able products so also an investment.


Usually I get regular buyers for these sometimes same people and also can be new buyers. I used to have habit of putting them on a Saturday evening after come back from my car boot sale and if any products were still with me that I thought would have sold. ‘I DON’T PUT THEM ALL ON SOME I KEEP’ reselling RETAIL. My Saturday each week ‘thing ‘of putting them on changed as I do car boot sales much less than I did before but what I will do is start to put them back on my eBay site .. You must look out for them if you are a lover of sterling silver.

I call it ‘thing’ as I call it I had ‘been doing my own thing’ and enjoying myself ! Now I will possibly change and still do car boots but possibly only once a month if that. Or whenever I can. So when you can look into my site and check out my products and note i have great feedback to my email account and love to have them which means products good and customers are happy and therefore so am i.

DO FEEL THERE IS AN ISSUE ? BE ALWAYS PLEASED TO CHAT WITH ME ‘COMMUNICATION IS THE WAY ‘I pride myself with loving communication and resolving so never always worry there for a chat and if you have any questions email me and you can also contact me through my messages on eBay account. Please note i have written this page to let you know about my ‘sterling silver job lots‘which you can look out for on my site ..there will be there occasionally !

Anthea Peace and Love keep safe!

4 thoughts on “sterling silver job lots”

  1. Hey Anthea,

    Thank you very much for this post. I love sterling job lots as this is always great opportunity to find some unique stuff for really good price. No lots for now on your side (but so many other beauties!), do you know when you are planning to offer some? Looking forward to look into them.

  2. It is very nice of you to have shared this article, if is really interesting to read through and it is a nice idea to know about sterling silver job lots, it is a good thing to know about and I’d love to actually look more deeply into it’s details and how it can be of benefit to me. Thanks for sharing

    1. thank you for comment i love sterling silver vintage and all sterling i am pleased you were encouraged to comment on my page thank you xx

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