Traditions around the anklet chains.

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Ancient Egyptian times this had been known as Ankh losing originating from those who wore gold anklet chains to show they were of wealth.

Various quality type Anklet chains
There were other quality types made of silver, leather material and other materials which were usually worn by the less wealthy. Also, because of the evolving changes in Egypt they are more commonly worn by most women now .
They were also originated to a profession too usually those who danced. Those who were of the Alexandrian people originated from wealth .

Western world traditions

Nowadays, mostly younger women wear the anklet for fashionable reasons and sometimes older women are wearing them now too.

Symbols and the meaning of the anklet chains: Although now worn as fashionable in today day because of the influences in different circumstances and various changes in societies with effects religiously, traditionally, and wealth reasons. Some people have tabooed the idea on the anklet chain and believe it to be a ‘mark’ of the sign of ‘devil’ depending on which leg you wear it on.
Also, that it is a mark of prostitution and that one could be sexuality different if seen wearing one.

Tradition of the Anklet originated from wealth
However, the original thought still persists in me that they were created for adornment and love and that even if they existed originally in a form which indicated wealth and caste and whatever else symbols of marriage… the creation in modern world has evolved and today anyone who loves them can wear one. The good thing about them is that they can be bought in plentiful sizes and that the price ranges are very good…and that if you wish one can even purchase anklet chains which have loops on them so you can add additional trinkets of buy them ready-made with them on already with lovely bibs and bobs on them.

The evolving Anklet tradition/had it changes occurred to denounce those of wealth what do you think !
So today is OK really still bearing in mind that different countries still have their traditional aspects around them and are still in a different evolving span than I am….
Evolving topic an Anklet chains please
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8 thoughts on “Traditions around the anklet chains.”

  1. The trend of wearing anklet chains these days is increasing. Well, some people are not so familiar and read different meanings to it, while others think it is cool and attractive. My take is that, I gave grown to accept it. At first I didn’t like it, but after getting to know the traditions behind it, as you have mentioned, I find it to be quite interesting.

    1. its nice to have you read and enjoy the subject on anklets…yes i think the history of them go far and the challenging things women must have gone through with when they wear them too ,more recently usually around sexuality and whether they are over sexed .I think in modern span this has certainly prevailed for me during a span as i grow up.But knowing the genuine history behind them is pleasurable.It also shows me can you imagine the class aspects and the evolvement of those who were not so wealthy wanting to obtain one.It brings a lot of subjects up for me as some people live all their life attacking wealth and this is a genuine way of showing its transition!

  2. What a great article on ankle bracelets.  The history is so intriguing.  It is amazing to me that we love and even hate things, and we do not know why.  I have always love them and do wear them occasionally.  I like the idea that they originated from wealth.  I am certainly considering purchasing one as a gift for my granddaughter.  Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. Hi there its such a pleasure to see anklets to me and the ones with tiny danglers,yes your granddaughter would love it.Also fashion has it that its still a pleasure to see.What a challenging dainty thing the anklet is and to me can crete me to chat about many subjects…i think i could start up workshops on them and the aspects of wealth around them and the transition that is to occur and the feeling men have some men have towards their wives wearing then.All in all pleased you love them Anthea xx

  3. Thank you for this informative write-up. Anklets chains are very fashionable and I use them a lot. They form a major part of my day to day dressing. I very much agree with you on the diverse believe system about this class of chain. While some use to see it as a sign of prostitution, others see it as a sign of the devil. In fact, some culture wears it when performing sacrifices to their Gods. But it is good and fashionable, I checked your link and the prices are affordable. I have bookmarked your link  

    1. what do you mean i have not heard of men wearing them that is interesting ..what a diverse way to try and prevent the rich from prospering and a diverse way to try to re-launch it without its original purpose…could be a great topic for workshop training thank you for book marking my link 

  4. This is a great article! Thank you so much for sharing this with us! I had no idea about these ankle bracelet traditions! It’s always so great and interesting to read these new things. It’s crazy what my random internet searches take me to haha. Thank you Google for bringing me to this interesting website 🙌 

    1. thank you it is surprising what one finds and thank you for enjoying reading my page ..anklets are loved too and ladies love to but them .As i sell gold they have been a good product to sell.So hence the page thank you Anthea xx

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