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Turn your gold into cash

Tell you what it’s been a year for gold it’s been up and down and now going up again and on the up again !                                                                                                                  Can also buy gold  from me here c/o my amazon associates page.

Even if it old broken bits of gold you have or gold that you no longer wear things left in drawers, anything you can make money out of it for yourself ‘cash it in’.

I created another site specially for buying gold from customers and although new site hope I get some organic response from you.

When I say organic I mean it’s there to natural response and hopeful to succeed with a small quantity of sales..it’s not a project I wish to be bombarded with but just a certain quantity which when I get contact and sales I will deal with individually. Even if I receive 10 queries or fewer a month I will be happy. I will also get a card printed with my details so not only using social media twitter, pinterest and google but hand delivered too.

It is a settled not so ‘in your face’

You see organizations all over the place on social media, taking in gold ‘loud and bold’ and also doing pawn broker side of business. My business is very different it is set up as a ‘sole trader’ with original just selling of gold and silver products where customers actually can know me and chat through eBay site. Also, just added a weaning of modern sterling silver products…and now extended to Buying gold. I do not intend to get into the pawning of any products whatsoever!

Note ‘one thing ‘others do ‘buy your gold’ but make reductions – with me I will pay the genuine price for scrap with no deductions on the exact actually day amount price to you as I know it will be an ‘investment for myself’ as well as you ‘receive the cash’ for your product. What I do is use my Bullion by post account to Gage the prices of gold on the day.

The additional business I started is called I-buy-gold.com it is always in development but has an included address where gold products may be sent to if you just read through my page before making contact with me this will be helpful it is called buying gold.

I have included on this site too and hope it can also be helpful to customers who usually visit my site to purchase products from me. Usually purchasing also from my added home page eBay account. To have ‘Turn your gold into cash’on this site goldandsilveranthea6175.com will hopefully be helpful too.

So that is me all said and done and I hope in the event that you have any gold you want rid of you will surely contact me…thank you, Anthea xx


2 thoughts on “Turn your gold into cash”

  1. Lily says:

    Hi Anthea, I’ve actually sold my gold through the years but I can see where using someone like yourself would be better. I feel that you would give a fairer price than I have received in the past. It’s a great way to make money as often you end up with old rings that you don’t wear or that don’t fit anymore and they just sit around for years. Better to sell them and get some money back.

    1. anthea charles says:

      Shame though the price dropping now as the lockdown but be back up again …yes i am worried as i usually think of sterling silver but i wont go too broad only what i can manage and hopeful as have started to get queries through another site. But what it is the gold price has changed…hope it goes though pleased a lovely kindly lady gave me 5 reviews after purchases so its at least going -thank you for your comments and support -Anthea xx

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