What is it like coming out of lockdown ??

What is it like coming out of lock down ?? 

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With all the arrangements being made around us and for us by government it has been extremely hard at times. But I am so pleased that now people can meet 6 people I believe it is outside now…although still strange to be monitored. Surely this will gradually improve and change. Do you think we will have to improvise for a long while though or do you think the vaccination has brought us forward to good progress.

How are you feeling as we graduate and come out of the lock down

I feel so pleased now that the shops are reopening it seems to release a good deal of stress in energy within the community and from what I have heard some good shops like john Lewis Prim ark have been affected but are still there and some offering to open longer hours.

Restaurants we are able to eat on the outside in April and from May will be able to eat within restaurants. This to me is fantastic news.

So helpful for future socializing and it gives you the feeling of a return to normality.

How the lock down affected my online business click here 

For me I have had a great time with business and good great relationships through lock down. I also spent a great deal of money on purchases to support my business as I do not initially drop ship or affiliate although I am beginning to add these to my other 2 businesses.

I have continued doing my click here Wealthy Affiliates course work and socializing on there and am now coming to the end of that certificate which will give me and entrepreneur certificate. Also, I have to prepare a further format for my business which I will use and stick to grow and apply improvements.

So I am pleased and hopeful that coming out of the lock down will also take me through a learning which I will be pleased for and I do believe it will take me to create adaptations.

My need is to continue and another thing that had affected me in particular is that car boot sales were not running and I am pleased the one I go to click here in Kilburn is open again on the 17 Th of April. I decided to give it a week and attend on the 24Th April. So I will be creating a specimode of product Gage for this.

So we will be on the way again I still think there will be effects of other things during the year that do affect us all.


So I am satisfied with my progress still a bit anxious of what coming out of the lock down will mean to my sales…as I think people were locked indoors so enjoyed spending. I do think the buying will continue though!

How have you been managing share below please and please be sensitive as we are all different people and have been through different things .. I myself had 2 bereavements so this is what I mean please be sensitive and click here for further support if those of you find it helpful supportive and kind 

all the best love from anthea

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2 thoughts on “What is it like coming out of lockdown ??”

  1. It’s great to see the vaccines being rolled out globally and more and more people getting protected from COVID-19. One of the things I’m most looking forward to is going to concerts. It’s hard to beat the audio and visual experience at a concert venue. While it’s been nice to find some socially-distanced outdoor performances, it’s going to feel great to actually get back inside a venue for a show again! I am ready!!

    1. oh thats a nice thing to ‘go gigging’ i am pleased to hear that will be a pleasurable thing …and yes its so hard especially hearing all the alterations with all …   the major events.People must have been so isolated i reckon.Good thing is to still enjoy yourself though ..what i do is put on earphones and do music that way you tube.Keep well and enjoy it when you go xx

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